Promotion of younger talent through Access to education enabling to internalise With strong commitment to human values and Social justice.


(i)To prepare students irrespective of their school Education to be a Good receptor of course curriculum of +2 stage and equip themselves for Higher level of study with confidence and capabilities.
(ii)A climate conducive to excellence and innovation will be promote with full Involvement of faculty.
(iii) Excellence in performance of teachers and individuals will be recognized And rewarded.
(iv)Manpowar development giving stress in more co-operation in learning.
(v)Steps will be taken to foster among students an understanding of the Diverse cultural and social systems of the people living in our country.
(vi)To contribute to the national effort to build a knowledge based society.


= Classes will be done both assamese and English medium for Arts and Science stream.
= To impart instruction by experienced teachers for preparation of Higher Secondary Final Examination.
= Additional classes for students if necessary.
= There will be a concession of fee incase of poor meritorious student.
= To prepare students coming from Assamese medium school Will be taken additional care to fit in science stream. In Science stream ,help from Guwahati tuporials for faculty


The school building is setup with one RCC building with 2 floors and having well furnished room.

Medium of Instruction

“English and Assamese” is the medium of instruction of the institute.