The College seeks to supplement traditional classroom teaching with learning which implies students’ active interaction in the teaching learning process through participation in seminar, tutorials, fieldworks and group-discussions, etc. Teachers in each department coordinate and specify positive and negative experiences in different programs, progress of the syllabus as per internal plans and when necessary. They suggest measures for methodological / tactical innovations in teaching and learning.

Remedial Classes:

The College has the plan to introduce remedial classes for the weak students from the very first session. With the assistance of various experienced professors from various colleges the Remedial classes can be introduced primarily to support weak students in acquiring necessary academic skills. However, with a view to dispelling sense of separateness / social distinctness in students, the College will encourage even general students who are otherwise economically backward, to attend Remedial classes. Remedial classes, be it mentioned, is distinct from the conventional classes. In this type of classes it concentrates on student-centered, examination-oriented approach. Tutorials, seminars, etc. are parts of the remedial classes.

Syllabus Design:

With a view to bringing more accountability in teaching and bringing uniformity in the teaching-learning experience, the syllabus content in each class is split up and unitized thereby promising an exhaustive and uniform treatment of split up modules of a subject. Accordingly, the time-bound split-up syllabus is notified by all the departments that indicate the portion of the syllabus / course contents/ chapters which are to be the modules for particular terminal/ unit test/ test examinations.

Evaluation System:

Continuous evaluation is carried out in the form of unit tests and other tests of the students in order to promote students’ perception in the subject are and locate the weak links/ strong points of particular students. Unit tests of HS are conducted as per the syllabus breakup notified by each department. The time schedule of different departmental or other unit tests and sessional examinations will be notified otherwise by the College.
NB: I. Final Examination of the aforesaid classes will be held as per notification of AHSEC, Guwahati.

Computer Lab:

The College offers the facility of computer lab with FREE INTERNET ZONE which is meant primarily for the students enrolled in the computer science and computer applications program, as well as in the mathematics and commerce departments. The labs are also accessible to other students and staff during office hour.

Science Lab:

The college is well equipped with a sophisticated science laboratory separately designed for physics, chemistry and biology sections.

Motivational & Orientation Classes :

Development of personality is a pre-condition for a successful performance to enter the world of competition. The College provides scope for extra-curricular activities for promoting the zeal of togetherness and community service among the students. The College has motivational and Orientation Classes arrangement for students through the help by the reputed University and Colleges Professors and other reputed Resource Persons.

Feedback system and Assessment of Teaching:

Teaching is evaluated by the students through feedback as a mechanism for smoothing up teaching-learning process and bringing reformative measures wherever necessary. The SRA, in order to upgrade the quality and result oriented education, has planned to accelerate continuous assessment of teaching by feedback system.

Student life, Co-curricular and other activities

The SRA has planned a mechanism to encourage the students to participate actively in co curricular activities through active participation in games and sports and intellectual exercise like participation in seminar, cultural competitions and interactive programs The college believes in engaging in a wide variety of extracurricular activities to help create a well rounded confident and culturally and socially alert student. Among the range of activities available to students debating, dance, music, academic workshops, seminars, cultural and academic/Educational tours are worth mentioning.


The SRA plans to organize Annual Day in November/December every year. Students will be motivated and trained up for participating in Indoor and Outdoor Games, Debate and Quiz, Literary and Cultural competitions.


From H.S. 2nd year there will be a girl and one boy as Class Monitor to have the opportunity of serving as its office bearers for the students and teachers. Class Monitor selected annually and directly, will be responsible for conducting various programs relating to extra-curricular and social activities throughout the year. Information & Career Guidance The College has set up the Information & Career Guidance Cell. This Cell is to guide students about career planning, job prospects, entrepreneurship, etc. Personality development, quantitative aptitude enhancement, imparting skills in facing job interview, etc. will be focal points the Cell will look into. NB: I. Final Examination of the aforesaid classes will be held as per notification of AHSEC, Guwahati.