= Academic session : For H.S. First year-From 21 June to 31st March. For H.S. 2nd year- From 1st April to 31st March. The students will Have to pay monthly tuition fees for 12 months for one academic session.
= Monthly fees for the whole year must be paid at the time of form fill up of H.S.Final Examination/HS 1st year Annual Exam.
= Students having attendance of less than 90% will not be allowed to sit for The 1st unit test/2nd unit test Examination.
= The guardians will not be allowed to meet their children during the college Hour (except for unavoidable reason). In this regard, permission from the Principal/Coure Co-ordinator is mandatory).
= The students should inform the Principal by an application with the signa Ture of their guardians for granting leave of absence. Disciplinary action Will be taken against the students violating the rules or giving opinion Against the rules and regulations of the institution.
= Students must attend their classes or any function of the college with clean Uniform prescribed by the college authority.
= Using mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college campus. If any Student bring mobile phone in college,he/she is fined upto Rs. 500.00.
= Students are not allowed to enter the college campus without uniform. No consideration is attains.


1. Guardians should be aware of what is taught in the college and Will encourage their children to acquire proper knowledge of Each and every subject.
2. Guardians will inform the Principal/Management of any Problem of their children reating to education.
3. Girls should not be sent to college wearing valuable Ornaments.
4. It should be the duty of all the guardians to attend the Guardian meeting held by the college authority for The greater benefits of the students.


Girls :-

Chouridar Kamiz – Sky Blue with Square White Stick -
Salwar - White -
Dupata - White -
Shoe - Black pum shoe-

For Boys :--

Shirt - Sky Blue with square white stick-
Pant - Light gray-
Shoe - Black-